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New Products For October

MG Gundam 00 Seven Swords/G Inspection Color
The red colored limited version of the previously released MG 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G! Still ...
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Robot Spirits / Damashii Unicorn Gundam Shield Funnel ver
The Robot Damashii version of the Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode from Episode 7! This Bandai Web ...
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Ultra Act Ultraman Zero (Ultimate Form)
The form that Ultraman Zero uses to defeat Ultimate Belial: Ultimate Zero! Imbued with the Ult...
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Figma Ryuko Matoi
The clothingly challenged heroine from Kill La Kill series is here: Figma Ryuko Matoi! Clad in...
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Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
SH Figuarts Dragon Ball: Android 17 (Preorder) 10/24/2014
HG Grimoire (Preorder) 11/05/2014
HG Build Burning Gundam (Preorder) 11/05/2014
HG Powered GM Cardigan (Preorder) 11/05/2014
Robot Spirits / Damashii Wing Gundam Zero Custom (Reissue-Order) 11/21/2014
Ultra Act Ultraman Mebius (Preorder) 11/21/2014
SH Figuarts Rockman / Megaman Zero (Preorder) 11/21/2014
Robot Spirits / Damashii Zeta Gundam (Preorder) 11/21/2014
Armored Girls Project: KanColle Yamato (Preorder) 11/21/2014
Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend Gemini Saga (Preorder) 11/21/2014
MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Web Exclusiv (Reservation, Price TBD) 12/05/2014
MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame D (Preorder) 12/05/2014
SH Figuarts Dragon Ball: Broly (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HG Montero Klim Nick Custom (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HG G-Arcane (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HG Lightning Gundam (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HG Beargguy F [Family] (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HG Gundam Ez-SR (Preorder) 12/05/2014
HG Jahannam (Mass Production Type) (Preorder) 12/17/2014