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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
PG Gundam Exia LED Unit (Preorder) 08/24/2018
RG Sazabi (Preorder) 09/14/2018
FigureRise Standard Super Saiyan Vegetto (Preorder) 09/14/2018
FigureRise Effect Shockwave Yellow (Preorder) 09/14/2018
FigureRise Effect Shockwave White (Preorder) 09/14/2018
HGUC RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Parachute Pack (Rsvn, Price TBD) 09/14/2018
HGUC Efreet (Reservation, Price TBD) 09/14/2018
HG Gundam Astray No Name (Preorder) 09/14/2018
HG Gundam 00 Sky (Preorder) 09/14/2018
HG Gundam 00 Sky (Higher than Sky Phase) (Preorder) 09/14/2018
MG Gundam Avalanche Exia Dash (Preorder) 09/21/2018
SD RX-Zero Maru (Preorder) 09/21/2018
Digivolving Series Alphamon (Preorder) 10/12/2018
Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Poseidon (Preorder) 10/12/2018
NXEdgeStyle Gundam Mk V (Preorder) 10/12/2018
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