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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
FigureRise Standard Kamen Rider Hibiki (Preorder) 11/13/2020
HG Gundam Heavyarms (Preorder) 11/13/2020
HG Load Astray Double Rebake (Preorder) 11/13/2020
FigureRise Standard Ultimate Son Gohan (Preorder) 11/13/2020
MGEX Unicorn Gundam ver Ka (Preorder) 12/10/2020
FigureRise Standard Ultraman Darklops Zero -Action- (Preorder) 12/11/2020
HG Gundam 00 Sky Moebius (Preorder) 12/11/2020
SH Monsterarts Monster Hunter: Rathalos (Preorder) 12/16/2020
Gundam Universe Tallgeese (Preorder) 12/16/2020
Gundam Universe God Gundam (Preorder) 12/16/2020
SH Monsterarts Monster Hunter: Nargacuga (Preorder) 12/16/2020
MG Wing Gundam Zero EW ver Ka (Preorder) 12/16/2020
SH Figuarts Loki (Preorder) 12/18/2020
SH Figuarts Dragon Ball: Jiren Final Battle ver (Preorder) 12/18/2020
SH Figuarts Dragon Ball: Piccolo -the Proud Namekian- (Preorder) 01/14/2021
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