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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
HG Gundam Asmodeus (Preorder) 05/27/2022
FigureRise Standard Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Damashii (Preorder) 05/27/2022
FigureRise Standard Ultraman Suit Taro -Action- (Preorder) 05/27/2022
1/100 Full Mechanics Raider Gundam (Preorder) 06/22/2022
HG Cyclase's Schwalbe Custom (Preorder) 06/22/2022
HG Siegrune (Preorder) 07/21/2022
RG God Gundam (Preorder) 07/27/2022
FigureRise Standard Kamen Rider Black (Preorder) 07/27/2022
FigureRise Standard Dukemon (Preorder) 07/27/2022
FigureRise Standard Kamen Rider Double Fang Joker (Preorder) 08/19/2022
HG Shen Long Gundam (Preorder) 10/21/2022
RG GaoGaiGar (Preorder) 10/21/2022
FigureRise Standard Kamen Rider Skull (Preorder) 10/21/2022
FigureRise Standard Ultraman Suit Tiga -Action- (Preorder) 10/21/2022
FigureRise Standard Amplified Alphamon (Preorder) 10/21/2022
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